2019 South Island Social Sailing Weekend

(Click here to download report as a PDF)

Members of Radio Yacht Squadron Nelson (RYSN), Otago Radio Yacht Club (ORYC) and Pegasus Radio Sailing Club (PRSC) joined in friendship over the weekend 9 and 10 March. All brought their International One Metre (IOM) radio yachts to Lake Pegasus for a socially oriented get together.

We completed three “events” on Saturday. The long-distance race along the eastern shore stretched our legs, and necks looking over the shrubs. That was followed by races on the western shore, with two boats from each club on the course at a time. Once the first club boat finished, the third could start, and the fourth boat started when the second finished. (OK, you had to be there to get it…). The third challenge was a series of races for all boats together, with
points allocated on a club basis.

The points were totalled and divided by the number of skippers taking part, to place the clubs 1st to 3rd in each event.  Totalling the totals revealed PRSC as the first Club to win the “Yo Ho Ho Trophy” (you guessed it.. a bottle of Rum).
The Bottle was presented at the Good Home GastroPub (on the understanding we would not open it on the premises).  This may well have prompted the other clubs to suggest the trophy should remain unopened for the next SISS event, and become a perpetual trophy.

Sunday morning saw us in the Flat White Café. Twenty or so folk sat around IOM NZL 04 on display, to discuss every aspect of setting up, managing and maintaining the boat for reliable performance in racing.  After the chat and at least one coffee each, we set off to the lake to rig our boats and work through some starts practice and preparation for a series of races with Jim Park looking on. Jim is one of Canterbury Yachting Association’s Judges and a rules expert extraordinaire.
We finally packed our boats and fare-welled the travellers around 3.30 pm. Those who remained, settled in to the lounge in the Good Home for a workshop on the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) lead by Jim.

All in all, a brilliant weekend from which everyone gained something. Thanks to all who made the effort to attend. Thanks to the Pegasus club members and locals for their welcoming support, and for hosting the event.

An overriding question is, when is the next one?

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