Current Handicapping for the Norris Series

Sailing Handicaps at 7 March 2021

May be revised by the Handicapper (Bob Spearman) after each event.

SkipperSail No.Handicap
Colin Clark040 Start
Jeanette Hart650 Start
Linley Morten42+5
Peter Foster28+5
Gary Graham00+10
Neil Maloney51+20
Ken Barbarel13+25
Kerry Coppell106+25
Mike Cotton87+25
Brian Peel03+25
John Moore14+25
Ron Williamson129+30
Brett Glass80+30
Dave Corbett193+30
Roy Haswell17+30
Wayne Avery23 or 54+35
John Rodger17+35
Denis Gutschlag68+35
Darryl Lamb33+40
Andy Luxford02+40
Lee Owen22 or 83+40
Selwyn Clement53+50
Ray Hart165+50
Nigel Petrie24+50
Ken Allcott43+55
Brian Curtis117+55
John Levy108+55
Bob Spearman180+60
Peter Jensen41+60
Bruce Edgar93+65
Basil Hart137 or 50+65
Chris Heywood192+70

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