Club Handicaps

Sailing Handicaps at 29 April 2022

May be revised by the Handicapper (Bob Spearman) after each event.

Handicaps for Ocean racing use the Club handicap unless otherwise indicated.

SkipperSail No.Club HandicapOcean Racing
Jeanette Hart650 Start
Peter Foster280 Start
Terry Doherty510 Start
Bob Jamison590 Start
John Ralph210 Start
Peter Glue310 Start
John Moore14+10
Ken Barbarel13+15
Brian Peel03+15
Linley Morten42+20
Kerry Coppell106+20
Roy Haswell17+25
Dave Corbett193+25
Denis Gutschlag68+25
Colin Brown44+30
Ron Williamson129+30
Wayne Avery23 or 54+30
Darryl Lamb33+35
Andy Luxford02+35
Lee Owen22 or 83+40
Ken Allcott43+45+55
Selwyn Clement53+50
Ray Hart165+50+55
Nigel Petrie24+50+55
John Levy108+50+55
Bob Spearman180+50+55
Brian Curtis117+55+55
Peter Jensen40+60+60
Bruce Edgar93+60+65
Basil Hart137 or 50+60+65
Chris Heywood192+60+65