Sailing Venues

Our sailing is carried out at one of two courses laid out at Monaco when the tides are suitable.  Our freshwater venues are the Nile Road Pond at Thawley’s Orchards at Mahana, or at Easton’s Pond at Mariri.   If you are passing when we are sailing, call in and have look aroundYou’ll be very welcome.

The Monaco Courses

Monaco Courses 2All our weekday non competition sailing is on one of the two courses above depending on the tide height.  You will find us here mostly on these days.

The Nile Road Pond


The Nile Road Pond is on the coastal highway between Richmond and Motueka on the Thawley Orchard complex at Mahana. 

You will find us here (or at Mariri) most Wednesdays and Sundays when there isn’t a suitable high tide at Monaco.

Easton’s Pond at Mariri

This fresh water pond is just off the main road to Motueka on the Nelson end of the Easton Loop.  It is sometimes unsuitable for sailing due to buildup of weed.

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